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Operate from a Position of Confidence, not Fear

First Circle Safety works your mind first; instilling skills such as decision making, avoidance, de-escalation, and alternatives to & less than lethal force when possible. However, when a fight cannot be avoided students will have the knowledge and skills to address realistic threats in a manner that keeps them and their first circle safe.

First Circle Safety is a small training business founded on the principle of layering knowledge, skills and equipment to increase personal and small group/family security. By building knowledge and capability starting with one’s ‘first circle’ and working outward as realistic challenges are addressed, the goal is to build confidence and proficiency to better allow everyday people to worry less and enjoy life more. As skills build, the circle expands and more advanced courses will build on that proficiency.

Safety & Security are also more than shooting; as such, First Circle Safety is committed to a wide range of safety skills and products including firearms training, less lethal training, Stop the Bleed/Medical training, structure site evaluation/safety plans, and more.

Upcoming Classes

NRA Home Firearm Safety: 2024-03-09

Saturday, March 9, 2024 256 South Street, Berndardston MA

First Circle News

Can you run a manual firearm?

The time may be soon when semi-autos are banned - can you adjust now?

You are on your own

This is who is coming to save you - you better prepare yourself

ReadyFest Preparedness Festival

Relationships are vital in emergencies - network now!

Shooting firearms, like any physical activity, carries inherent risks

Protective equipment is essential to safely using firearms; don’t cut corners

Target hardening works

Defense is not just about firepower - think broadly

The time is now to take the class & apply for your LTC

Legal changes are coming to MA, and they’re going to drive up cost - in money and time

Squib loads

Squib loads happen - pay attention, especially with manually operated firearms such as revolvers

Don’t underestimate the shotgun

Proficiency will always trump equipment, however you should always select the best tool for the job

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