Defensive Shotgun Level 1- Live Fire

woman holding a shotgun at the ready in a hallway

Introduction to the shotgun for home or other fixed position defense; types of actions, ammunition selection, patterning. Discussion on accessories, limitations and strengths of system

The shotgun is the most formidable weapon available to the public for self defense; in its niche, nothing ends a threat more quickly.

Class will discuss the strengths and limits of the shotgun, proper load selection, patterning, penetration concerns, accessories, and more. Students will learn techniques to control recoil, proper manipulation, and use in contact distances.

Requirements: eye & electronic hearing protection, billed hat, proper clothing/footwear, 12 or 20 gauge slide action or semi-auto shotgun (other systems, please email in advance) with 50 rounds birdshot, 20 rounds buck shot, 5 slugs, 10 dummy/inert shells.

Prerequisite: NRA home firearm safety or equivalent, LTC or FID.

Students should have some past experience in live fire of shotguns; including loading/unloading, manipulation of controls, & moving safely. For novice shooters, see Defensive Shotgun Level 1 - Simm.

Four hour course, $150