Introduction to Defensive Sprays

woman with red hair holding a pepper spray pointed at camera

Introduction to defensive spray; types, proper use, legalities, decontamination.

This short two-hour class is an introduction to the history, types, and use of defensive sprays with a focus on oleoresin capsicum commonly known as ‘pepper spray’.

In section one we will review the evolution of pepper inflammorities used against threats, its effectiveness, limitations and proper deployment. We'll continue with how it compares to alternative defensive sprays such as chemical irritants, as well as other 'less lethal' force options such as impact weapons, impact munitions, and ECW's (Electronic Control Weapons, such as TASER, stun guns, etc). Students will gain an understanding of basic Massachusetts law on self defense, as well as the legalities surrounding the possession and use of defensive sprays against human and animal threats. Different delivery methods of all sizes and types will be covered, as well as recommendations for specific tools for different situations such as hiking, daily carry, and even home defense. Decontamination techniques will also be reviewed. Section two will review attack precursors to help identify, avoid, or positively engage a threat.

After the classroom session, students will be instructed on the deployment of inert (water based) spray against a target; learning the proper use and demonstrating the skills to use defensive spray in a live training environment. At the conclusion of the class, all participants who are legally eligible will be given a new can of OC spray which is included in the cost of the class.

Private classes of 6 to 20 people are available at a reduced rate, and can be conducted at remote locations. Perfect for employees, neighborhoods or large families.

2 hour course $25 - includes 3 oz OC spray

Discount for private classes, previous FCS students, or when combined with other classes