Defensive Handgun Level 1

blue hand gun

Unique Introduction to the handgun for home and stationary defense using less lethal Simmuntion. Review of safety rules, proper loading, handling, five fundamentals of accurate handgun shooting and more.

Building off the introductory Home Firearm Safety Class is this unique four-hour introduction to handling semi-automatic handguns using non-lethal Simmuntion marking pistols and ammunition; revolvers available upon request. This system allows realistic handling and firing without a firearm range. Classes can be run inside garages, barns, backyards, anywhere simple boards can be set up as a backstop.

A thorough review of safe gun handling rules, loading magazines and proper handling of handguns. Physiological requirements to stop an active threat, less lethal alternatives, and more.

Students will learn the five fundamentals of accurate handgun shooting, basic movement drills, working around obstacles and one handed operation. Class includes 50 rounds of Simmunition, handgun rental, eye protection, all supplies included; contact FCS for more information and site requirements.

Prerequisite: NRA Basic Home Firearm Safety or equivalent. No LTC required for this course.

Four hour course: $150

Course written by John Richardson

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